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The Sandy Creek Public School, a consolidated school district formed in 1966, covers approximately 180 square miles in Clay, Nuckolls, and Adams Counties. The K-12 school is located at the junction of Highways 74 and 14. With an enrollment of approximately 450 students, a wide and varied curriculum is available to the students in preparation for their chosen field upon graduation. The District employs approximately 80 full or part-time employees, and serves as a vital asset to the four communities that benefit from its strong educational program. The low teacher-pupil ratio enables the students attending to receive individual attention.

The students who attend the Sandy Creek Schools consistently rank above state and national norms in test scores and college entrance exams. The curriculum of the schools is designed to provide a wide array of course offerings, including computer technology, which far exceeds the Nebraska Department of Education standards and recommendations. The last five-year (1995-2000) average of students attending post-secondary institutions of higher learning is approximately 80%. The Sandy Creek Public Schools have provided a positive educational experience to its students that has and will continue to make it a leader in education in the State of Nebraska. Edgar is proud of the education offered to the community by Sandy Creek Schools.

For more information, contact Sandy Creek Schools at (402) 726-2151 or visit the Sandy Creek home page.

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